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Running Tips with Garmin Ambassador Braden Currie

Former Tauranga Half Champion Braden Currie is no stranger to the winners podium. As a Garmin ambassador, we caught up with Braden ahead of the Tauranga Half to share his top running tips.

Make every session count and recovery in between.

I run 3-4 times per week. This doesn’t change even when I am building towards my biggest race of the season (like Kona Ironman World Champs), I do not increase my run frequency. Instead I try to make each session count and ensure I complete what my coach has scheduled for me and also ensure I am well prepared for the session and that I stretch and recover afterwards. Running is one of the hardest disciplines to manage in terms of load. It’s easy to over do it and it’s easy to injure yourself. My week is made up of 3-4 key sessions. 1 is normally a long run on the flats/trails. 1 is interval based, 1 is an easy slow run and 1 is a freedom run in the mountains. This works for me. The interval sessions is always the key focus to make sure I am fresh for. This is where I get most of my adaptation and gains.  My coach normally focuses on 400m and 800m intervals and over the course of the season I will build up on how many sets / length of recovery between sets.

Find a good coach. 

Having a good coach is what keeps me improving, and allows me to periodise my training so that I peak at key times. I also believe a coach is invaluable for keeping me in check. My coach focuses on a strength/range program to complement my running and biking and this has meant for less injury management in the last few years. It also means on race day I can trust that I am ready to race hard as I know my coach has set me up for that.

Activation /Strength / Range.

I think this is one of the most important aspects for me as a triathlete now and it’s where I am able to achieve the 1% margins I am looking for.  I underestimated it in the past, but if I have warmed up well with activation and range exercises I do run more efficiently during my sessions, with again…less chance of injury.


 I think a good shoe choice is important and it’s worth spending the time / investment in getting checked out by someone good to ensure you are running in a shoe that suits you best.


When it comes to race day, you just have to trust that you have done the work and it will all come together.