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Top Tips from Rob Dallimore

With less than six months to go until the Mount Festival 2020, prep is well underway here at the event the HQ!

We understand that staying motivated through winter can be challenging, and at times it is just so much easier to pull out the wintery excuses so you don’t have to get outside…

‘I’m a bit sniffly today, I think I will give it a miss’…

‘Just one more rest day and I’ll be ready to train again’…

‘It looks like it might rain’…

‘I read somewhere that exercising in the cold can lower your immunity’…

‘It’s too dark/wet/cold’…

We all know that we are more likely to stay on track with our training if we have entered an event. So with less than six months to go, until the unofficial official most EPIC Triathlon in the world… what better time to get entered, get motivated, get inspired and get out there!?

We chatted with Rob Dallimore from Foot Traffic Endurance Sport Coaching for his top tips what you should be thinking about now, preparing for an event six months out…

Enter the race

This may seem a bit obvious, but knowing you are committed to a race well is a great way to keep your motivation high and focused on the task at hand.

Too many people hold off entering until very late because they worry they may not be fit enough for the event. Just take the leap, enter the race and set in place a plan to get you fit enough for it.

Get a Training Plan

If you haven’t started training yet, now’s a great time to start.  It’s important to get yourself a training plan to give you direction and the optimal amount of progression in your training. There are many places you can get a plan from.  A lot of websites offer plans, which are basic and generic, but they still do a pretty good job.

Some Coaching businesses offer a more advanced version of a generic training plan, with added features such as an online community and some limited contact to a Coach for support and advice.

You can go a step further and hire the services of a dedicated Triathlon Coach who will create you a personalised plan based around your lifestyle as well as your strengths and weaknesses. This will make you accountable to someone, with more hands-on training and tailored help.


Plan your season

You are going to want to race a few build-up events before hitting the Tauranga Half.  Have a look at local Triathlons, Running races, Fun rides, Open Water events or Aquathons and see if any fit.

Make sure you take family and work commitments into account and structure your training and racing suitably around them.

Lock in your accommodation

Tauranga and the Mount are popular locations particularly over summer so make sure you sort accommodation if you need it. If possible it’s helpful to stay somewhere close to the race venue to make race morning run smoothly.  If you’re able to arrive at Mount Maunganui or Tauranga on Thursday night, or Friday morning this will give you time to settle in prior to the race.

Check your equipment

If you haven’t got the essential gear yet, you’ll want to do something about that quick smart. Particularly with required accessories for the bike (helmet, shoes, puncture repair kit etc) and running shoes.  There’s a bit of time to get a wetsuit before the open water season starts.

Drag your wetsuit out from storage.  You probably haven’t worn it for a while, so it’s a good idea to check out the condition it’s in.  Are there any nicks or cuts from the last time you wore it?  If so, get these repaired before they get worse.  If it doesn’t fit then have a look around for a good deal on a new one as often this time of year there are some great sales on last season’s suits.

While you are at it have a look at your Open Water googles, are they in good condition?  Are the lenses still nice and clear to look through?

The winter months can be hard on our bikes. This is a good time of year to get your bike overhauled, while training is at a lower level, so being without it for a few days won’t derail your training

Have a look at your running shoes. You are about to step up your training volume and intensity a bit, so you want to make sure they are suitable and capable of taking on the extra load.  If you aren’t sure then take them along to your local Technical Running Shoe Store and the sales staff will be able to advise on their condition, and what a suitable replacement may be if needed.

Muster your crew

The race may be an individual sport, but the training needn’t be.  There’s nothing better than having a cool group of mates around you all training for the same event. Find people who are in your city or neighbourhood so it’s easy for you to align your training and get together for workouts.  Don’t seek out the local pro and try to train with them as you will be suffering every workout.  Instead look for people of a similar ability to you.

Your local Triathlon club may host training sessions where a Coach will be there to guide the session, and this is a great opportunity to learn from others. There are numerous Facebook Groups for athletes to join, and that way you can find people to train with.

Preparation is the key to having a great experience on race day.  Take the time now to get things sorted and you will give yourself your best chance on race day.  Good Luck!


If you would like to get in touch with Rob or learn more head to foottrafficcoaching.com