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12 tips for conquering the swim with blueseventy #allfortheswim

For a lot of people, the swim leg of a triathlon can be the most daunting part of the day. There is the fear of the conditions- cold water, waves, tide or other. Then there’s the fear of a wardrobe malfunction- goggles fogging up, losing your goggles altogether, or tearing your wetsuit as you zip it up. Plus the general fear of trying to swim in a straight line with a huge amount of people splashing around you trying to achieve the same thing!

Our mates at blueseventy have shared some top tips for navigating the Tauranga Half Swim Course, taking into consideration the incoming almost high tide, to ensure you have the best possible race start…

  • Make sure you have a good pair of goggles and you have swum with them many times before.


  • Get used to the chaos of being bumped and swum with, with practicing chaos starts and efforts in the pool as part of your swim training.


  • If there are swim clinics on offer, make the most of them. Get out amongst it as often as possible and organise to swim with friends.


  • Check out where the boats are pointing before you start to get an idea of where the water is heading (the front of the boat always faces into the incoming water).


  • Swim tight to the buoys both ways.


  • Ensure you attend the blueseventy swim famil the day before and ask the experts questions and advice.
  • Swim the course the day before with a buddy and use the opportunity to plan your swim route.


  • The straighter you swim the quicker you will be, you can easily lose time from swimming further than necessary.


  • Sight more often than usual especially as you approach turns is a must as the current can catch you out.


  • If you panic during the swim- move away from other swimmers, roll onto your back and focus on breathing slowly and gently, lowering your heart rate.


  • Swim until your hands touch the bottom before standing up/dolphin diving at the finish.


  • When you exit the water, smile for the camera!

blueseventy Swim famil details:

Friday 10th January, 6pm. Meet at the blueseventy tent in the event village.

Dan will take you through the swim course, explain where to go and what to expect. Then you can go for a small swim if you would like as Dan takes a group of people to help show them how to line up the buoys and sight the course. Here you can ask Dan any swim related questions to help you calm any nerves you may have. Specially designed for the first-timer.