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Tauranga Half

2019 Tauranga Half Course Map

Download the 2019 course map here.

Tauranga Half Swim Course Map

Swim Course
Distance: 2km (250m + 1 lap)
Swim cut off: 10.00am

The swim is a water start. You will be asked to line up in the water behind the start line marked by two buoys.  Once the gun goes you will head towards Salisbury wharf, swim between 2 buoys and turn right.  You will then complete a full rectangular lap turning left at the last buoy to head into the beach.  Exit the water and head up towards transition through the defined swim exit shoot.


Download the 2019 Swim Course Map here.

Tauranga Half Bike Course Map

Bike Course

Distance: 90km – 3 laps
Bike cut off: 1pm for all competitors.

Lap 1

Exit transition, progressing along The Mall, veer right into Adams Ave, right into Marine Parade, bike to the end of Oceanbeach Road.

At the end of Oceanbeach Road, turn around in the cul-de sac, turning left immediately into Yale St to access Maranui St and Papamoa Beach Road.

Bike to the intersection of Papamoa Beach Road and Alexander Road, making a U turn and return on Papamoa Beach Road and straight onto Maranui Street. 

Turn right onto Yale St, left onto Oceanbeach Road and right into Marine Parade at the aroundabout. Turn left onto Adams Ave, turn left onto The Mall, turn left into Prince Ave for the turnaround, then turn right back onto The Mall complete your second and third lap.  

Lap 2 and 3 as Above.

Note on your third lap after the Prince Ave turnaround, turn left into The Mall. Dismount in the dismount area before heading into Transition.


Download the 2019 Bike Course Map here.

Tauranga Half Run Course Map

Run Course
Distance:  21.1km – 2 laps
Run cut off: 4:00pm

Exit transition to start the run. Run down The Mall (keeping to the left of the cones and beware of cyclist still on the course), turn right (still keeping left of the cones) into Adams Ave, turn right into Marine Parade, continue to run along the seaward side of Marine Parade until you reach the turnaround point near Tay St (beware of runners in both directions). Head back along the seaward side of Marine Parade, joining the boardwalk where directed to continue around the base track in an anti- clockwise direction. Exit the base track and run back down The Mall towards transition and the turnaround point just before the finish chute.

Turn and repeat a second lap as above ensuring you head down the finish chute at the end of your 2nd lap only.


Download the 2019 Run Course Map here.

Tauranga Half Transition Map

Download the Transition Map here.

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