317 Legend Series

Step up this season, gain bragging rights, become a legend!

The Mount Festival of Multisport are continuing our collaboration with IRONMAORI with the 2019/2020 317 Legend Series!

To become a 317 Legend you must participate in three key events over a total distance of 317 kilometres.

The events included in the legend series are:

  • IRONMAORI Quarter (9 November, 2019), which consists of a 1km swim, 45km cycle, 10km walk/run,
  • The IRONMAORI Half (7 December 2019), which consists of a 2km swim, 90km cycle, 21km walk/run
  • The Enduro (11 January, 2020) which consists of a 3km swim, a 120km cycle and a 25km walk/run.

Each competitor in the series will receive an EPIC branded hoodie and a piece of the Legend Series Medal at each event. Complete all three events, to be given offical LEGEND Status, and the last piece of the medal.

IRONMAORI and the Mount Festival are thrilled to be collaborating on this initiative for the
Multisport sector and feel it will bring a whole new dimension to the sport of Triathlon.

If you would like to enter, tick the ‘317 Legend Series’ box on the entry form for each individual event.  This will add on $25 per event entry.

Eligibility Criteria
To compete in the Legend Series, you must complete all three events.

Events include:

Iron Maori Quarter

Iron Maori Half

Enduro Long Distance Triathlon

Can I enter a Team?
The Legend Series is open to Individual Entries only

How do the points work?
Points are accrued by participants of the series with the lowest points earner being crowned at the conclusion of the final event.

You get the same number of points of the place you came. i.e. 1st place, 1 point, 56th place, 56 points.

All events have the same points system/rating structure.

How do I win?
Champion (male +female) crowed at the Enduro Long Distance Triathlon prize giving as the final event. Trophy awarded.  No prize money.

Every other ‘Legend’ gets named  at the final event!

How do I enter?
Tick box on the current entry system for each event for ‘Legend Series’ participants. This adds another $25 onto the entry fee and includes a free branded hoodie, and medal at each event.

Don’t worry if you have already entered the Enduro and want to be part of the Legend Series. Flick us an email at Mountfestival.kiwi and we can change your entry.

What do I get as part of the series?
Apart from Offical Legend Status and bragging rights, you will receive an official Legend Series Hoodie, and at each event you will receive a piece of the Legend Series Medal. Complete all events, and get all three pieces of the medal.

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