Hӧpt Soda AquaBike Event & Athlete Information

With the Mount Festival now including the Hӧpt Soda AquaBike and promising to be bigger and better than ever before, we invite you to browse through the links below for all the information you need to know before the race.
Athlete Manual
The event manual contains important information you need for your race. Please ensure you read ALL the information in the manual as these are important for your convenience and safety. It is quite a long document but please do take your time to read and understand it.

The Race Manual includes:

– Compulsory Safety Briefing information
– Course maps
– Aid Station Information
– Key Timings

Click here to read the 2019 Hӧpt Soda AquaBike Athlete Manual

AquaBike Start Lists
Athlete Start lists as at 9am, 8 Jan 2019

Please check your details carefully. Please remember that age groups are calculated as at 31 Dec 2019.

AquaBike Start Lists


2019 Hӧpt Soda AquaBike registrations will take place on Friday the 11th January 2019 from 2.30 – 6pm in the Registration Tent at Pilot Bay

Bike racking will take place on Friday 11th January from 3-7pm at Race Head Quarters located at Salisbury Wharf in Pilot Bay

Event Waiver

Event Waiver  – Click here to view waiver

Road Restrictions

We wish to thank the residents and businesses of the Mount Maunganui region for their patience and understanding during the event.

If you have any specific concerns around the event please contact the Race Office for more information.

Tri NZ Rules & Regulations
All Tri NZ rules and regulations can be found here.

The organisers of the Compressport Mount Festival of Multisport wish to ensure that the race is fair to all competitors. The event is a officially Triathlon New Zealand Sanctioned Event.

Tri NZ will have trained technical officials at the event who will monitor the rules as outlined here.

In this event, drafting is illegal and thus considered to be cheating. If the athlete receives a third penalty, they will be disqualified.

In this event, penalties will be served as a ‘Stand Down’ in the Penalty Compounds on course. Any athlete given a penalty is required to stand down at the next penalty box. Any athlete who does not stand down at the next official penalty box will be disqualified.

Drafting rules are outlined in the Tri NZ rules

Please make sure you understand this rule –if you have any questions please contact the race office. It is your responsibility as an athlete to know the rules.

In the end the responsibility for a race without major drafting issues lies in your hands as triathletes to compete fairly, honestly and within the both the rules and moral values of our sport.

Race Schedule

Friday, 11th January 2019
Registration & Bike racking

2.30pm – 6pm – Registration & Expo
4pm – 6pm – Bike Racking at Pilot Bay

Saturday, 12th January 201
Race Schedule

Aqua Bike 

5.00am – Transition opens

5.00am – Body marking available

7.30am – Swim course opens for warm up

7.50am – Swim course closes for warm up

8.00am – AG Male

8.02am – AG Female

9.10am – Swim cut off

1.00pm – Bike cut off

6.00pm – Prizegiving – Mt Drury

Age Groups

The Hӧpt Soda AquaBike is run under Tri NZ Rules. The event runs 10 year age groups with your age calculated as at 31 December 2019. This will mean many of you will ‘age up’ one year.

The official Age Categories for both men and women are as follows:

  • 18-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70-79
  • 80+

Event trophies are awarded to the top three in each age group.

Course Map
The 2019 course maps are available here
Post-Race Information
Finishers medals will be presented to all individual competitors at the finish line who finish within the cut off time. 

Finishers certificates will be available to download from results.racetiming.co.nz after your race.

The Athlete Recovery Lounge is open to all athletes to take some time to rest up and re-energize after crossing the finish line. There will be water, supplements, nutrition, sponsors products and massage available.

Massage – there will be post massage services within the recovery lounge. Details TBC

Bike collection – transition will be closed until all competitors have started on the run course (approx. 1pm). An announcement will be made when you are able to collect your gear and only competitors with their Athlete ID band or your support showing your bike collection card will be allowed to remove items from transition.

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